DEKAs Essential Capsules-Vitamins D, E, K & A with Delivery Technology – Now in Fish Gelatin Capsules


DEKAs Essential capsules are small fish gelatin capsules containing only the fat-soluble vitamins D, E, K and A.

60 capsules/bottle

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DEKAs Essential capsules are small fish geletin capsules containing only the fat-soluble vitamins D, E, K and A.

These small capsules allow for scaled dosing to achieve higher intake of vitamins D, E, K and A without concern of toxicity from higher amounts of other nutrients included in multivitamins. They may be used in conjunction with DEKAs Plus products when higher levels of vitamins D, E, K & A are needed.

dekas essential dosage scaling chart

They are manufactured using patented Licaps® (liquid in a capsule) technology that is:

  • fast absorbing
  • more bioavailable
  • odor and taste free
  • protected from oxidation

WHY CHOOSE DEKAs Essential Capsules?

  • They are odor-free, taste-free, gluten-free, casein-free, GMO-free, contain no artificial colors or preservatives and no China-sourced ingredients.
  • They are formulated for scaled dosing to facilitate a balanced, higher daily intake of vitamins D, E, K and A.
  • They utilize a clinically tested delivery technology to enhance absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients.

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Additional information

Weight 1 oz

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Recommended Dosage:
Ages 4 and above: 1 capsule daily or as directed by a physician. Please consult your physician to confirm appropriate dosing.


60 count bottles


Store at room temperature.


Use under the direction of a physician.

Consult your physician if taking anticoagulant medication.

Not suitable as a sole source of nourishment.

Safety sealed for your protection.

Do not use if the seal is broken or missing.

Keep out of reach of children.

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