Callion Pharma has introduced DEKAs® – the next generation of multivitamin and mineral dietary supplements for enhanced absorption utilizing a delivery technology to enhance absorption.

DEKAs Essential Vitamins


All DEKAs products utilize a clinically tested delivery technology to enhance absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients.

DEKAs products are sold in over 30 countries for the dietary management of those who have difficulty absorbing vitamins A, D, E and K (ADEK).

DEKAs Plus Vitamin Products: Comprehensive Multivitamin & Mineral Supplements with Absorption Enhancing Delivery Technology

dekas plus softgels bottle

DEKAs Plus Softgels

The softgels are vanilla flavored and contain no artificial colors.

dekas plus chewable tablets

DEKAs Plus Chewable Tablets

The tablets are orange-peach flavored and contain no artificial colors.

dekas plus liquid

DEKAs Plus Liquid

The liquid is an orange-peach-mango flavored (and water based, not oil based).

DEKAs Essential Vitamin Products: Concentrated Vitamins D, E, K & A only with Absorption Enhancing Delivery Technology

deka essential capsules

DEKAs Essential Capsules

Small fish gelatin capsules with no added colors, flavors or sweeteners.

dekas essential liquid bottle

DEKAs Essential Liquid

Berry-Peach flavored liquid (water based and not oil based).

Compare to AquADEKs®*

*AquADEKs is a registered trademark of Allergan