DEKAs Professional Information

Is there a Product Fact Sheet I can download?

Yes, click here to view the DEKAs Product Brochure.

Is there a form healthcare professionals can use to recommend DEKAs vitamins to patients?

Yes, see DEKAs Product Recommendation Form.

Is there a sample prior authorization letter that I can access?

Yes, and you can download it at: Prior Authorization Letter of Medical Necessity.

Is there a professional sample request form?

Yes, you can submit your request online here: Professional Sample Request.

Are DEKAs vitamins covered by any state Medicaid programs?

Yes, in some states. We are now obtaining Medicaid coverage in many states with more to follow shortly. Please let us know if you have trouble getting coverage for DEKAs through your state’s Medicaid – we will assist if we can. Many require that you submit a letter of medical necessity and get prior authorization – download our suggested letter here: DEKAs Medical Necessity Letter.

Are There Patient Assistance Programs For DEKAs Vitamins?

Yes, the HealthWell Foundation and Abbvie’s CFCareForward Programs cover DEKAs vitamins:

The HealthWell is a great resource for patients with insurance coverage but who need some help paying for vitamins. See information on the HealthWell Foundation site for details. NEW – we can now accept direct orders via Patient ID numbers from HealthWell.

Abbvie’s CFCareForward Program now offers DEKAs vitamins at no charge to eligible program participants. You can order now by phone at 855-227-3493 or via the CFCareForward website.

Can I purchase DEKAs vitamins at my pharmacy?

Patients may need to ask their pharmacist to order DEKAs vitamins specifically for them, as they may be considered a specialty items and not in stock. If they let their pharmacist know the frequency they will be purchasing DEKAs vitamins, the pharmacy may stock DEKAs vitamins for them. Note that they are a pharmacy item and will not be on the shelves with general vitamins, and also that not all distribution centers have actually stocked product yet, so the pharmacy may need to request that their distribution center stock DEKAs. If needed, please call us to assist the pharmacy in ordering DEKAs products.

For more information, please see: Pharmacy Information

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