pharmacy-distribution-imageCallion Pharma is pleased to announce that pharmacies can now order DEKAs vitamins thru wholesalers Cardinal Health and McKesson.

The addition of Cardinal Health and McKesson as distributors of DEKAs vitamins means that most pharmacies can now order DEKAs vitamins for their patients.

Previously, pharmacies could order DEKAs products directly from us by calling 423-940-9243 and setting up an account, but chain pharmacies are required to order thru their wholesale distributors such as Cardinal Health and McKesson, and therefore could not order DEKAs. Now with our increasing distribution venues we are able to better serve pharmacies and patients who would like to purchase DEKAs vitamins in their local pharmacy.

Patients may need to ask their pharmacist to order DEKAs vitamins specifically for them, as they may be considered a specialty items and not in stock. If they let their pharmacist know the frequency they will be purchasing DEKAs vitamins, the pharmacy may stock DEKAs vitamins for them. Note that they are a pharmacy item and will not be on the shelves with general vitamins, and also that not all distribution centers have actually stocked product yet, so the pharmacy may need to request that their distribution center stock DEKAs. If needed, please call us to assist the pharmacy in ordering DEKAs products.

 Product Cardinal Health


 DEKAs Plus Softgels 5222294 3528668  8-68176-00011-4
 DEKAs Plus Liquid 5222302 3528676  8-68176-00010-7
 DEKAs Essential Capsules 5222278 3528684  8-68176-00012-1


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