Callion Pharma’s Fat-Soluble Vitamin Delivery Technology

It’s True, oil and water do not mix!

Certain nutrients, such as vitamins D, E K and A are oils as found in nature and are often referred to as the oil-soluble or fat-soluble nutrients.

In order for fat-soluble nutrients to be absorbed and used by the body, they must be made to mix (emulsify) into water in the digestive system. Ordinarily, the digestive system accomplishes this emulsification with enzymes from the pancreas and bile salts from the liver.

When there is a problem with the digestive system so that the enzymes or bile salts necessary to emulsify these nutrients are not available, a condition called malabsorption is the result. Malabsorption occurs when these nutrients are not absorbed and this often leads to deficiency of these nutrients which can ultimately result in serious adverse health outcomes.*

Callion Pharma’s Delivery Technology

Callion Pharma products are formulated with a delivery technology that overcomes the lack of bile salts and pancreatic enzymes so that these fat-soluble nutrients can be absorbed. This clinically proven technology helps to emulsify the fat-soluble nutrients and deliver them to the gut so that they can be absorbed.

Callion Pharma’s Delivery Technology References

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